Everything that parents should know from the MovieStar Planet

It is a gaming website for children aged between 8 and 15 years, so it is mostly fantasy based. Children get to choose from a variety of stars available on the website, dress the stars up, do their makeup, do their hair, chat, play games and much more.

Here the idea is to earn name and fame through social interaction like creating movies, watching others’ movies and reviewing them. On doing that, one can earn points and fame which can be utilized to buy more costumes, makeup, decor, animation for the movies, etc.

If you have more number of friends, play many games, and exhibit more interactions you will earn more reward points. As you scale up, you can gain access to more number of animations, decor, costumes for your videos.

There is also msp VIP account. You can buy a VIP account for approximately $65 USD. As a return gift you get approximately 50,000 star coins as well as 350 diamonds. Not just that, you can also gain access to additional movie slots, more games, a fast-track to fame and name, and the ability to make more private chats.

What about movie star planet hack safety?

Movie star planet is absolutely safe and secure. The website takes utmost concern to ensure the safety. They have strict policies and procedures in place to safeguard the personal information and classified information of the users. They have strict policies against using any abusive language. The users will have to face repercussions, in case they breach these rules.

To the parents, they have given their most to ensure parents that their site is highly secure. They also advocate the parents to teach the internet safety to their children on using their website. They are monitored manually as well as through automated software. This is to block certain words from being used.

While it is true that this website was created for kids, it does not help but have adults using the website. This issue is being discussed in a lot of forums. To know what is happening, we created an account for ourselves. There were lot of users with such innocuous names like “Ilovepikachu,” “petlover,” etc and while others had some quite disturbing names Hellofromyourlover and the like.

They ceaselessly ask for contact numbers and age. When we tried the same, we got a message that we were violating their rules. We somehow got away with it, so can everybody else.

When prompted with such inappropriate questions, we get a popup asking to block the user, we clicked on the block. What happened next was shocking, it said earn 30points by providing our email address, there was no confirmation stating that they received the block request. What happens to the block requests is an unsolved mystery.

Of course, we are all in agreement that movie star planet is very popular. A lot of reward points, star coins, and diamonds are being used in the game. As popular as it is, the hacks to this game is equally famous too. The major problem with hacking is that tens of hundreds of links are generated redirected to Youtube about the ways and means to hack into the user accounts.

There are plethora of websites that provide movie star planet hack to the accounts which are strongly violating the security policies of movie star planet. The only problem here is, nobody is aware of what the website is doing against this policy breach.

It is certainly difficult to monitor a website that was originally designed for children, hence security measures are stepped up to protect the users. Inevitably the site attracts a huge number of adults who hack the accounts, this is a growing concern that parents still have despite the strict rules in place and no actions are being taken to curb this from happening.

The only thing that can be done is, parents should watch their kids’ internet usage, advise the kids to report anything unusual or unsettling things happening online. More the website owners the parents have absolute control over their kids’ internet usage and they have ability to decide what their kids can see and what they cannot. So parental discretion is advised at all times of internet usage.